Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Recently I managed to step on my mp3 player. Now at first I thought, "Ah no problem, my mp3 player has been through far worse, a river in the isle of skye, overcharing, factory resets, the works...". Unfortunatly I was wrong, as it so happens my weight ontop of a said device caused the screen to crack. Luckily I found a replacement screen and managed to fix it.

Now if that was not enough, my 22" monitor decided to stop working. Once again "luckily" it was covered by warantee.

But all of this got me thinking, when Jesus says to the rich man in the Bible to give up everything in order to follow him, how much are we willing to do the same. I know that when these two items worth a couple of hundred between them broke I was devistated, however what is a couple of hundred compared to the riches in heaven.

Do we as people living in cosy worlds really understand what it means to surrender to God?

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