Thursday, 5 August 2010


Following on from yesterdays post about possesions. I had another thought.

If it had been my Bible that had been lost, what emotions would I feel then. In England a Bible is worth around £20 (translation dependant), so in terms of money the loss would not have been great. However to some loosing their Bible would be putting there lives at risk.

In some parts of the world today, Bibles can still not be freely read or traded. So if you lost your Bible, it would not be as simple as going down to your local bookshop to pick up a new one.

The Bible should be our bread and butter. It should be something we depend on and in some parts of world, worth risking your life for. I know I for one would not be willing to die for £20.

I suggest you all read God Smuggler, it is an amazing book which covers a real life example of places where Bibles can not be bought.

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