Monday, 27 September 2010


In today's society I often get asked the question "Don't you feel as though as a Christian you are limited to what you do, your not free do as you please".

Now as a Christian I believe that I am truly free to do as I please. Its not as though I could not get smashed or have sex before marriage, God has given us those choices and they still stand for Christians as much as they do for non-Christians. However, the difference lies in the choice.

I choose not to get smashed because it is abusing the body God gave me and I love God.
I choose not to have sex before marriage because I believe sex is a gift from God and believe it should be saved for one person in marriage because I love God.

It does not mean that my life is free from temptation from these things, or that I find it easy. However God does help us along the way. By surrendering, giving everything up, we free ourselves from the burdens and just love God.

True Freedom comes from surrender.

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  1. Tis true. To surrender to God means to give up the pressures of society. You avoid being coerced, even by friends, into doing things you wouldn't opt to do independently. Following Christ is the most liberating path anyone could choose. You're absolutely sure you'll never have a better guide so you can ignore any criticism of your choices. Freedom of choice = freedom of action = freedom of spirit.